Inside Acting Podcast: Logo

Inside Acting is a weekly podcast and community “committed to empowering actors in creating powerful, bold, self-sustaining careers.”

Central to the Inside Acting Podcast and their community is the idea of a story-creating culture. Actors are, at heart, storytellers. This storytelling culture is built upon communication and conversation. Additionally, Inside Acting wanted their revamped logo to reflect their kick-ass personality combination of “polish, get-shit-done-ness, and fun.”

To this end, I created a sleek, forward-motion logo with “Inside Acting” literally supported by a symbol of conversation (and thus, storytelling):
Inside Acting Logo - Stacked

As the Inside Acting acting brand has several “branches,” their logo needed to have the flexibility to have individual variations on the logo while maintaining the same cohesive brand:

See this logo in action and check out the Inside Acting Podcast on iTunes. It’s one of my personal favorites!