Layout and Publication Design

Arranging words and image on a page so that they have room to breathe and flow and be smoothly read by your audience is my strength. There are no widows and orphans here!

The following are various theater programs for performing arts shows.
Layout - Theater playbill program R&G
It takes some serious finessing to have each bio begin in a location where both the person’s headshot and name can be placed in tandem!
Layout - Theater playbill program bios
The following are from an educational kit. The client wanted to be able to sell these books in both a printable workbook format , as well as in a standard 6″x 9″ book format.

Book Layout (Digital)

The first letter-sized layout caters to customers who wish to purchase a digital PDF to print at home, in tandem with a corresponding workbook. For readability, the copy is kept within a narrower column, with the space on the right reserved for pull quotes.Book Layout
The second layout was designed for a 6″ x 9″ printed book. Copy now spans the whole page, and pull quotes are inset from the outer margins.