Social Media Content Creation

Social Media Assets

From Snapchat filters and Instagram stories to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts, I’ve got you covered!

I did both copy and some intense compositing for this social media post, designed to tap into excitement surrounding Star Wars while Anastasia was still running strong on Broadway. Fans were, needless to say, VERY excited!


Photo-editing and compositing with various stock images capturing the spirit of the Grammy Awards, plus adapting the asset to multiple social media sizes.

Created asset out of multiple stock photos and Photoshop layers (Miami scene, orange sunset, desaturation, contrast, color, masking all over the place—including to make the windows glow—and much more!)


Snapchat Filters

     School of Rock Snapchat Filter   1080x1920_3340_WinterSnapchatFilter_HappyHolidays_Photo

Company: Situation Interactive